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As a countertop fabricator we pride ourselves on our quality and knowledge of the trade. IX Property Solutions carries over 50 years of experience in granite and stone countertops in Columbus, Ohio.  From template to install we provide the highest quality service at the most competitive rates we can offer. Whether you're looking for granite, quarts, marble, onyx, or anything in between, we have the team and skills to turn that stone into your dream.  Stone countertops are not rocket science, and with small margins and countless mom and pop garage fabricators offering insanely low prices, there are only so many ways to set ourselves apart from our competitors.  Our approach to separating ourselves from the pack is quality and service.  We source our materials from the best distributors, and hold our team of technicians, from template techs, to fabricators and installers, to the highest standards in our industry  

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The Countertop Process

Our process is simple.  First, we will start out with a consultation to discuss your project and vision.  Next, we will have you go to one of our distributor showrooms to select your exact slab(s) that we will turn into your finished product. Once your stone is chosen we will put together your official quote for service.  Your quote will be a single inclusive price; we won't play tricks with “price per square foot” or hidden fees for sink cutouts or faucet holes core charges.  If you're looking for the best service and pricing along with the highest quality product mother earth has to offer, then give us a call to start working on your dream project today!

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