Deck & Pavilion Builders

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IX Property Solutions is not your run of the mill deck & pavilion builder.  We specialize in providing unique outdoor living experiences to suit each individual clients’ needs.  With our decades of custom-building experience and knowledge in deck building processes, standards, and materials, we provide only the highest level of quality the industry has to offer.  Our professionals will walk you through the design and materials selection process as to guarantee your complete satisfaction with every aspect of your build.  We provide multiple different material options as well as the expertise to ensure you’re selecting the highest quality materials in order to provide you with a product that will last a lifetime.  Our team is here to help you create your own personal backyard oasis. 

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Why Choose Us For Your Deck Building Needs

When you’re looking to renovate your home, whether it be a deck or a full-scale renovation.  You aren’t just looking for someone capable, but rather someone you can trust.  You’re looking for someone with tried and tested methods, with the results to show, to guarantee your satisfaction.  That is what we at IXPS are here to provide.  For years, our teams and professionals have done nothing but provide the highest level of quality and service available.  We understand all of the different factors that go into the decision-making process like cost, design, timeframe, etc.  We specialize in finding a uniquely tailored solution to each individual project that ensures our clients satisfaction.  Whether your looking to simply freshen up your existing deck, or whether you’re looking to build a fully customized outdoor living space,  IXPS are the deck professionals for you.